Micro USB Connection Kit
Micro USB Connection Kit

OTG 5-in-1 Connection Kit Micro-USB

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5-in-1 Card Reader
Extra USB port
Micro-USB connector
Import digital media
Support SD(HC)/MMC/MS/M2/TF

Product code: ST50-227311

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5-in-1 OTG Smart Card Reader.

Multifunctional 5-in-1 OTG connection kit for smartphones and tablets with a micro USB port.

With the USB hub and card reader it is now possible to connect multiple USB devices such as a keyboard, mouse and more or memory cards with this conection kit. You can easily expand the storage of your smartphone or tablet by connecting a memory card within the Multifunctional Card reader. You can also transfer your photos and video clips with ease by using this Hub & card reader.


> 1 x USB 2.0 port for mouse, keyboard, gamepad, etc.
> SD (HC) slot
> TF slot
> MMC slot
> Plug and Play
> Support for files (including pictures and video)

Caution! Not all mice and keyboards are supported (very uncommon).


Classification2 stars
Length / Width / Height170 / 86 / 21 mm


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    Handige kit voor het overzetten van foto's naar de Galaxy tab 2

    Mooi klein apparaatje, met meerdere mogelijkheden.

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    - 18-01-2018

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