Tempered Glass Protector   Tempered Glass Protector
  Tempered Glass Protector
  Tempered Glass Protector

Tempered Glass Protector

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Hardened Glass Protector 0.26mm
Ultra Thin and strong protection
dirt repellent Coating
All fucntions remain accesible
5.3 Inch Universal

Product code: SP257-307410

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Universal 5.3 Inch Tempered Glass Protector for

The Universal 5.3 Inch Tempered Glass Protector is the accesory you need if you want to protect your . The Protector will protect your without decreasing the style. Furthermore will all functions remain accesible. The Protector is compatible for Smartphones with a screen of 5.3 inches, without an fysical Home-Button.

The Protector has been made with a litte additional space to fit your . The Tempered Glass Protector is one of the best of all screenprotectors.
Easy to apply and no annoying air stuck between your phone and the protector, so no airbubbles!

Optimal Display defence

Thanks to the hardened glass, the protector protects against dust, scratches and bumps. After applying the Glass Protector a litte air will function as shock absorber. As result that the chance that your  screen will break, is strongly reduced. Nevertheless, this Glass Protector is easy to clean.

 The Protector won`t cover the whole front side which lets you use your  in combination with a case or cover.

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Includes microfiber Cleaning tissue and a dust removing tissue


Classification3 stars
Length / Width / Height177 / 88 / 6 mm

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