9 inch Screen Protector
9 inch Screen Protector

Universal 9 inch Screen Protector

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Fully Transparent
Protects from scratches and scuffs
Dimensions: 126 mm x 222 mm
Made by i12Cover

Product code: SP02-205074

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This universal 9 inch fully transparent Screen Protector for your tablet is an indispensable accessory, when you want to add some extra protection. 

This full screen protector helps to avoid scratches and fingerprints, while still allowing all functions of your tablet to be fully operational. Ultra-Clear properties ensures the screen protector will not be visible after installation allowing your screen optimal visibility.


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Length / Width / Height222 / 126 / 1 mm

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Deze screenprotector voorkomt krassen op het scherm van het apparaat. Het is makkelijk aan te brengen door de handige instructies op de verpakking, en het apparaat lijkt weer net als nieuw.

  • Beschermt het beeldscherm.
- 03-05-2016

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