QI Wireless Powerbank 10 Ah with LED indication

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10000mAh capacity
2.1 A output (wire)
1 A output (wireless)
Micro USB, USB-C and Normal USB
With LED indication

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QI Wireless Powerbank 10.000mAh with LED indication for Ice phone Twist. 

No empty batteries with this 10.000 mAh wireless powerbank! The powerbank has the charging capacity to charge your Ice phone Twist easily. The powerbank will be delivered with an USB Charging cable, to charge the Powerbank.

USB Ports.

The QI Powerbank has 3 different ports, which all can be used as an input as well as an output. It comes with an USB port, USB-C port and Micro USB port. Furthermore, the Powerbank can also be charged by Wireless charging, this, however, will go slower. 

Wireless Charging.

The Powerbank can charge your device wireless (if supported by your device, to check if your device is supported click on this link). If your device can`t be charged through QI, you can order an QI Receiver which will be shown in the Combo tab when buying the Powerbank. The Powerbank itself can also be QI Charged by laying the Powerbank on a Charging Pad.

LED indication.

Due to the LED Indication, you can see if the powerbank is full, empty or charging (wireless).


The capacity is 10.000 mAh, this means that you`ll be able to charge your smartphone (more or less) 3 times fully.
A Tablet can be chargerd around 2 times fully. Furthermore, it is possible to charge another powerbank with this powerbank (Wireless if possible).


Capacity: 10000 mAh
Output USB: 2.1 Ampere
Output QI: 1 Ampere
Input USB: 2.1 Ampere
Input QI: 0.75 Ampere
Ports: USB, Micro USB and USB-C


Classification3 stars
Length / Width / Height135 / 73 / 19 mm




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