Multifunctional Case for Lenco Cooltab 80

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PU Leather
Unique fit by Velcro Taped Corners
Soft inner lining
Elastic band closure

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This is our Universal multi-functional PU leather case for your Lenco Cooltab 80. By using Velcro taped corners you get a perfect fit for your device. 

Our i12Cover protective case is highly suited as a stand and protects your Lenco Cooltab 80 very well. When carrying it inside a bigger bag or backpack, your device is always well protected. By placing the multi stand case in the right way, you can easily transform your Lenco Cooltab 80 into a photo frame or a small movie screen. The tablet case can placed in numerous positions ensuring you always get the right view or working angle, this is done by the clever use of Velcro tape. 

The outer cover is made from sturdy PU leather which has a beautiful look and ensures the best protection for your Lenco Cooltab 80. Our i12Cover item keeps your device looking good as new and prevents from damage and dirt. Due to its unique fixing system with 4 removable corners (to be fixed with Velcro tape), makes this case suitable for the Lenco Cooltab 80. 

All in all these qualities make our case an essential accessory. You should buy this case the moment you get your Lenco Cooltab 80.

Internal measurements of the case: 215 x 162 x 12 mm 

Made by i12Cover ("I want to cover") 


Classification2 stars
MaterialSyntetic Leather
Length / Width / Height218 / 170 / 20 mm


    Top product!

    Ik heb de tablet hoes onder de kerstboom gegeven en mijn moeder was er heel erg blij mee! In eerste instantie dachten we eigenlijk dat hij niet paste, dus wilde ik hem alweer bijna terugsturen... Totdat we er achter kwam dat het klittenband was en je hem dus kon verstellen! Misschien was het handig geweest als er een formuliertje bij zat die dat liet zien? Of hebben we dat over het hoofd gezien? ;)

    • Goede kwaliteit
    • Mooi zwart
    • Handige methode met het klittenband
    • Geen beschrijving
    - 18-01-2018

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