AZERTY Keyboard Cover for Azpen A840

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AZERTY keyboard
USB 2.0 Plug & Play
PU Leather
High quality

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    Azpen a840

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Please Note: Azerty keyboards are used in Belgium and France due to the keyboard layout.


This is our universal AZERTY keyboard case, with built-in keyboard, for your Azpen A840. 

As with all of our products, this is a top quality item. It has an internal keyboard and protective case suitable for your Azpen A840. Our i12Cover keyboard case is made from high quality PU leather, offering good protection, so taking your Azpen A840 with you has never been so easy and convenient.

Our universal PU leather keyboard cover has an upper clip, which is not only bendable, but also fitted with a spring. This way it is faster and easier to remove the tablet from the case. Due to the fixing system using the bendable clips your Azpen A840 is always very secure. 

The built-in keyboard uses a regular 80 key AZERTY layout. With the standard USB 2.0 connection, you can simply plug and play to get started. You will then have the ability to type wherever and whenever you want, even with another tablet that supports USB 2.0. If your tablet does not have the USB A 2.0 connection and is not supplied with alternative adapters, you can order the necessary adapter dependant on whether it is a Mini or Micro connector at the bottom of the page.

Possibly the most useful & effective accessory money can buy for your tablet.

Made by i12Cover ("I want to cover").


Classification3 stars
MaterialSyntetic Leather
Length / Width / Height230 / 185 / 35 mm


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