Genuine Leather Case for Lenco Tab 720

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Genuine Leather
Soft inner lining
Simple & effective fastening system
First Class

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    Azpen x850

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This is our universal top quality genuine leather cover with "Multi-stand" for your Lenco Tab 720 tablet.
The genuine leather cover has an elegant and stylish look, while offering your Lenco Tab 720 the best possible protection. This beautifully finished case keeps your Tab 720 looking good as new and prevents from the possibility of damage. The look and feel of the case is exceptional due to the genuine leather and high quality materials used, while the overall protection of your Tab 720 is extremely high, even when carrying it inside another briefcase, bag or backpack. This case is ideal for use on holiday, in your spare time but also professionally!

By placing the cover the right way, you can transform the Tab 720 into a photo frame or a small movie screen. Our cover can also be positioned in multiple angles, so you will always get the right viewing angle. Thanks to its durable and strong elastic straps, (one in each corner) this cover provides the best protection for your Lenco Tab 720. 

All in all this makes our cover an indispensable and premium accessory, which you should buy at the same time as your Tab 720.

Made by i12Cover ("I want to cover").


Classification2 stars
Length / Width / Height222 / 140 / 15 mm


    Niet speciaal gemaakt voor de Trekstor Surftab xintron i 7.0

    De omschrijving doet vermoeden dat ie gemaakt is voor de Trekstor Surftab xintron i 7.0, maar dit is gewoon een hoesje waar ie toevallig in past. Het knopje om het scherm in en uit te schakelen is niet goed bereikbaar.

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    • Knop om scherm aan- en uit te zetten niet goed ber
    - 02-07-2015

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