Lightweight bike helmet with rear light

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Built-in rearlight
3 light intensities
adjustable size
Easy to wash
weights only 210 grams

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Lightweight Bikehelmet with built-in rearlight.

This lightweight bikehelmet is ideal for protection you during biking, and gives you an extra secure feeling due to the built-in rearlight.


the rearlight has 3 different lightintensities, which are controllable by pressing the button at the back. The rearlight makes you as cyclist more visible in traffic. Be aware, that the rearlight of the helmet not an replacement is of a rearlight on a bicycle. You must have a working rearlight on your bicycle at all times, the rearlight on this helmet won`t spare you a traffic fine.


The helmet is easy adjustable by turning the button at the back, the helmet can be made smaller and larger without any hassle.


The helmet has a rearlight, but this doesn`t influence the weight! The helmet only weights 210 Grams.


The helmet is made as aerodynamic as possible, this way you won`t feel anything of the wind blowing at the helmet. The helmet has 21 holes to increase the airflow and cool off your head.


The helmet has an inner cover, which can easily be detached, due to the velcro in the helmet. The inner cover is washable and can be placed easily in the original position.


Classification n.v.t.
Length / Width / Height270 / 210 / 140 mm


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