Adjustable Headrest Mount for Odys Loox

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Adjustable Headrest Mount
Sturdy Construction
Easy Fixing
Ideal for Holiday trips
Colour: black

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    Azpen x850

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Combine Adjustable Headrest Mount for Odys Loox with one of our best-selling offers
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Combine with: Adjustable Headrest Mount for Azpen X850
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Adjustable headrest tablet mount for your Odys Loox

With this headrest mount you can easily fix your tablet to your car`s headrest. Ideal for changing your car into a `moving theatre`, when travelling long distances!

This car mount can be attached to the headrest of any car. The distance between the headrest posts should be between 95 mm to 211 mm.

Our headrest mount has a built-in rotating mechanism, allowing you to watch your Odys Loox from every angle.

These qualities make this an indispensable accessory for people who spend a lot of time on the road, or for those who want to let their backseat passengers enjoy some entertainment. 

A perfect time to buy, for those long journeys to your holiday destination!


Classification3 stars
Length / Width / Height190 / 150 / 70 mm


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