Screen Cleaning Kit for Asus Eee note ea800

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Screen Cleaning Kit
For all Touchscreens
Crystal clear finish
No odour
30ml, includes cleaning cloth

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    Azpen x850

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This is our Screen Cleaner kit, suitable for your Asus Eee note ea800. 

After much use, your Asus Eee note ea800 screen will collect dust, dirt and fingerprints. Cleaning your screen has never been easier, using our `Screen Cleaning Kit`. One drop of screen cleaning fluid is sufficient to see exceptional results of a crystal clear finish!

The fluid has no odour and applies an extra protective layer, so that your screen stays clean for much longer.

Warning: NEVER use a general detergent, screens from electronic devices have namely a special protective layer that can be affected if alcoholic detergents are used. Also some other cleaners can cause damage to the screens coating.


Classification1 stars
Length / Width / Height185 / 100 / 35 mm


    Erg handig

    Mooi produkt Werkt uistekend Mijn ipad wordt er mooi schoon van Zelfs de tablet van mijn vriend en ook mobile dat is fantastisch toch

    - 20-03-2018

    Ik kan niet anders zeggen dat ik zeer tevreden ben over dit produkt.

    Zie boven, het produkt bevalt me goed.

    - 09-11-2017

    - 12-03-2016

    Zeer tevreden.

    - 19-12-2013


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