Book Case Premium
  Book Case Premium

Bestseller Book Cover for the Kindle 8 ereader

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Made from High Quality PU Leather
Perfect fit & Sleep Function
Magnetic closure
With handy loop for a Stylus pen
Micro fibre inner lining

Product code: C442-284790

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This is our sturdy case with sleep function, a perfect choice for your Kindle 8 ereader.

A highly affordable and essential accessory if you want to keep your Kindle 8 ereader looking good as new. Simply slide the eReader into the PU leather frame, this way your 7th generation Kindle eReader is always protected against dust, dirt and damage. The quality of the leather used for the case also gives extra grip, so that dropping the eReader by accident will be reduced to a minimum. 

This PU leather case is custom made for the Kindle 8 ereader, with all functions of the eReader remaining easily accessible. The case also has an extra loop for you to carry a stylus pen so you will never forget it again. Last but not least the case has an easy magnetic closure, so now you can take your Kindle 7th generation anywhere, everywhere, without worrying about the possibility of damage or scratches!

All in all this attractive and sturdy PU leather case specially made for the Kindle 8 ereader is an essential accessory for your Kindle 8 ereader. 

Made by i12Cover ("I want to cover").


Classification5 stars
MaterialSyntetic Leather
Length / Width / Height166 / 124 / 19 mm

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