Lumee Selfie Case for
Lumee Selfie Case for

Lumee Selfie Case Samsung Galaxy s7

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Lumee selfie case Black
Custom made
Double LEDs
different light intensities
All Functions remain accesible

Product code: TH512-261282

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Lumee Selfie Case for Samsung Galaxy s7

The Lumee Selfie Case is the solution for making the best selfies in the dark. Thanks to the different light intensities, you can make the best photos with different lights!

Custom made

The Lumee Selfie Case is custom made for the Samsung Galaxy s7, all functions remain accesible. This way, you can use your Samsung Galaxy s7 at all time while it is placed in the Lumee Selfie Case.

How does it work?

The Lumee Selfie Case has an integrated battery and with the included charging cable, you are able to charge the Selfie Case. You can insert your Samsung Galaxy s7 in the hardcase and when it is in you will hear a click-sound so you know it is in. With the button on the backside you can control the light intensities, which is also capable of functioning as a flashlight!


Classification5 stars
Length / Width / Height185 / 108 / 20 mm

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