Compact Mini Selfie Stick  Compact Mini Selfie Stick
Compact Mini Selfie Stick
Compact Mini Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick with remote shutter button in handle

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Extendable monopod up to 20 inches
Shutter-release button in handle
Cabled with 3.5 mm jack
Adjustable smartphone mount with mirror
Compact and lightweight

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Mini Compact Selfie Stick with shutter-release button in handle with mirror

With this extendable selfie stick it’s never been simpler to take the perfect selfie or make the greatest videos with your smartphone. Take a self-portrait with that beautiful landscape view behind you or with the whole group in one shot. The monopod features a universal smartphone mount that can be used for almost every smartphone. See the minimum and maximum sizes which will fit below this text. Soft mount interior to prevent phone scratches.

The selfie stick is compact and very lightweight so you can take it with you everywhere. The stick is only 5.3 inches long so it is easy to store the Selfie Stick in your pocket or bag. The monopod is extendable up to ca. 20 inches (0,5 meter).

To use this remote control (the shutter button), the only thing you have to do is to connect your smartphone with the cable from the selfie stick. The cable has a 3.5 mm jack to plug into the headphone socket of your smartphone. 

The smartphone mount is adjustable, so you always find the perfect position to make the greatest selfies or videos. The mount has a mirror on the back which can be used to make photos and videos with the rear camera of your phone!

Features Selfie Stick:

- Extendable up to 20 inches

- Compact and lightweight (75 grams) to carry

- Max. allowed weight of smartphone: 500 grams

- Compatible with Android, iOS and other

- Cable (ca. 20 cm) with jack plug connector 

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Classification3 stars
Length / Width / Height135 / 50 / 30 mm

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