Waterproof Nylon Waistbag for smartphones and other

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Anti-theft Bag
Ideal for outdoor use
Multiple storage compartiments
Can be attached to any belt!

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    Samsung Galaxy s20 Plus

    Universal fit
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Waterproof Nylon waistbag

The waterproof Nylon waistbag is perfect for storing all your belongings safely. For example if you are hiking, this waist bag will offer the best protection against water and bumps. The Waistbag has 2 different compartiments and both can be closed with zippers.

The Waistbag is anti-theft due to the strong and nearly uncuttable material, the bag can be attached to any belt. 

The Waistbag has an extra compartiment at the front with a quick lock and release.

This Waistbag is ideal for outdoor use and outdoor activities. This way you can go on hiking without the fear that you will lose your belongings or others!


Classification3 stars
Length / Width / Height185 / 140 / 30 mm



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