Beactiff Cooking windshield for outdoor purposes

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Made from aluminium
Ideal for outdoor purposes
Easy to take with you
Fire will not be blown out
Easy to adjust in length

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Beactiff 10-part cooking windshield for outdoor purposes.

The cooking windshield is ideal for outdoor purposes, for example for cooking while camping. The 10-part set makes sure that no cold air will come close to the fire, and the hot air will be trapped. This way it`s easier to cook while there is a strong wind or when it is quite cold. 

The Beactiff windshield exists of 10 parts, whereby every part is modular. This way it is easy to make the cooking shield longer or shorter. The windshield can have a maximum extended lenght of 86 centimeter, this can create a closed circle with a diameter of 27 cm. The shield is 24 cm high and can be anchored in the ground by using the metal pins. It is possible to connect more windshields with each other!

The cookingshield has notches at the bottom of each part, this way it is possible to slide under any wires or gastubes while having the power or gas source not near the fire! 

Due to the included bag, the shield can be easily taken on holiday. it is compact when it is folded!

The Beactiff cookingshield is made from aluminium, this way the shield is very lightweight and can resist high temperatures. Aluminium does not rust, it does corrodes but this wil create a stable layer around the aluminium which does not react further. This way aluminium can not rust and is the perfect alloy for the cooking windshield! 



Classification n.v.t.
Length / Width / Height240 / 86 / 19 mm




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