Beamer screen, projection screen 150 inch 16: 9 810 gram

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150 inch screen 810 grams of cloth
24 suspension eyes
including hanging hooks
foldable to carry
332 x 187 x 0.2 cm canvas

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Beamer screen, projection screen 150 inch 16: 9, extra woven 810 grams with 24 hanging eyes, brand Beactiff.

✅ Large 150 inch sized projector screen

✅ Extra much suspension eyes, 24 pieces

✅ Extra woven, 810 grams

✅ Including hooks, no drilling required

✅ Easy to carry

Looking for an extra cheap 150 inch projector screen? Images on a larger screen are always impressive. With this 150 inch projection screen you can easily create this anytime, anywhere! Due to its light weight and the compact folding options, you can easily and quickly take the fabric with you wherever you go. And that for an affordable price!


Compact and foldable projector screen with 24 suspension points!

Measuring 332 x 187 x 0.20 cm, the projector screen is so big that it makes an impression, but not so big that it becomes clumsy. Yet you can fold the projector screen very small and compact, so that you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

Use the projection screen to watch a film, play games, at home in the cafe or during presentations and lectures!

The weight is also low, less than 0.9 kilos! So you hardly notice that you are carrying it with you. Since this canvas is so suitable to take with you everywhere, we have also made sure that it is easy to hang with no less than 24 hanging eyes! Use the rings on the sides to simply smooth the canvas and tie it wherever you want. With the included self-adhesive hanging hooks you can also give it a permanent place on the wall or collect it. In addition, the screen is also easy to clean with a cloth for the sharpest image.


Projection screen features:

Length: 332 cm

Height: 187 cm

Width: 0.20 cm

Weight: 8100 grams

Picture format: 16: 9

Hanging eyes: 8 at the top, 8 at the bottom, 6 on each side

Includes self-adhesive hanging hooks.

Brand Beactiff


Classification n.v.t.
Length / Width / Height332 / 187 / 140 mm




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