Military grade flashlight 3800 Lumen with zoomfunction

7.4 uit 5 reviews
3800 lumen, 3 light intensities
Very Bright
SOS light sign and stroboscopic function
range : 1 Km
Can handle bumps and scratches

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New Hype! Thousands of people in the Netherlands and in Belgium are buying this Tactical TL360 military grade 3800 lumen flashlight, to feel safe at home!

Not all people agree with the light intensity, some say it might be to bright and should be assumed illegal. However, a lot of people are buying and using the military grade flashlight, which is legal in the Netherlands and Belgium!

How bright is the flashlight?

Have you ever made a photo, with a high-end camera. And you see the flash of the camera popping up and you are blinden for some time, wel this flashlight is 100x brighter than that, if you apply the zoom funtion on it. If you decrease the zoom function, it can be used as a normal flashlight.


More and more people think the world isn`t as safe as it was, recent wars/terrorist attacks have been a huge cause. So people want to feel safe, that is where this tactical flashlight comes in. First of all you can use it as a flashlight, however, it can also be used to desorientate an intruder or thief. Which helps you out in those special situations. 

As an example, this flashlight technology is used by:

- Navy Seals
- Cops 
- rescue squads

Extremely strong

Being designed for military use, this flashlight is made out of the strongest materials, and it can handle the most extreme situations. It can easily break glass, just to give an example.


- Shock resistant

- range : 1000 Meter

- white (Xenon like) light, with 3800 Lumen

- Different light intensities, by sliding the zoom function

- stroboscopic function 


Classification n.v.t.
Length / Width / Height0 / 0 / 0 mm


    Goede lamp

    goede lamp en onverwacht een plons in een vijver overleefd

    • fel
    • stevig
    • handzaam
    - 07-12-2020


    Super licht gevende lamp in handig formaat, wordt gebruikt bij pakket dienst om voor in het donker de huisnummers te onderscheiden. Werkt hier uitstekend voor.

    • Lichtstanden zoom
    • SOS en stroboscoop functie
    • Lichtgewicht
    • Er had toch vast een kokertje bij
    • gemogen voor evt. oplaadbare
    • batterij.
    - 15-11-2018



    • Makkelijk mee te nemen
    - 18-01-2018


    Goede zaklamp met super groot bereik.

    • Stevig
    • Handzaam
    • Zeer groot bereik
    • Extea met SOS en desoriëntatie modus
    • Inclusief polsbandje
    • Geen
    - 29-08-2017

    Militaire LED Zaklam

    Supper handige zaklam ideal handig makkelijk Overlal te gebruiken bedankt

    • Beste kwaliteit
    • Geen minpunten
    - 29-08-2017

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