VR PRO versie 2.0 3D VR Bril with intergrated geadset for
VR PRO versie 2.0 3D VR Bril with intergrated geadset for

VR PRO 2.0 Headset with integrated headphone

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compatible with Android, iOS and Windows
Everything in 3D and 360°
Integrated headphone
High quality
Adjustable lenses

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VR PRO 2.0 Virtual Reality Headset with integrated headphone

Expierence Virtual Reality like never before with this improved VR 2.0 Headset.

Warning : "This item has a high recreational level on e.g. party`s. Also this item is a perfect gift!"

Ever dreamed about a 3D Home-cinema without spending a lot of room, or searching for an alternative for the Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR? 

We have the VR Headset for you, with integrated and adjustable headphone so you can listen to the sound/music while watching everything in 3D. Besides the headphone, the Headset has buttons to control your screen without even touching your mobile!

The high comfort level makes it even better than other older VR Headsets!

A rollercoaster, a submarine or swimming with sharks, everything can be seen on this Virtual Reality Headset.

Is your smartphone compatible with the VR PRO 2.0 Headset?

For optimal use of the 3D effect, you will need a smartphone with a screen as big as possible, the smartphone can be 16 cm in length and not wider than 8.5 cm. It needs to be at least 6.7 cm in order to keep your smartphone secured in the headset. The VR PRO 2.0 comes with a handy close system to make sure your phone won`t fall.

How does it work?

The VR PRO 2.0 is provided with some handy features, the lenses are fully adjustable to zoom in on almost any screen. Due to the setting of these lenses, a 3D 360° view will be created, and when adjusted you can find the perfect spot made for your eyes and smartphone. Furthermore, this VR Headset comes with a firm elastic strap.

Integrated headphone!

The VR PRO Headset is provided with an adjustable integrated headset, to make your expierence even better. The headset is easy to use , and underneath you will find the volume buttons, to control the volume while having the best expierence ever!

Besides the volume buttons, it also has a button to control your screen, which is handy when you want to pause/play a video or a game.


Tip! When your have an android smartphone, you might be interested in the Bluetooth Gamepad / Remote Control to get the most out of the VR Headset. 

Fun Apps for the Virtual Reality Headset!


- Roller Coaster VR
- VR One Cinema
- Jurassic Virtual Reality
- CMoar Rollercoaster
- Audi A4 VR Experience


- Durovis Dive Roller Coaster
- Google Street View VR
- Jurassic Virtual Reality
- Virtual Reality Showroom 
- Audi A4 VR Experience


- Coptar
- InMind


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Brand: VR PRO


Classification3 stars
Length / Width / Height240 / 220 / 145 mm

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