Waterproof Case for the  .
Waterproof Case for the  .

Waterproof Case for the

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Touchscreen still usable
100% Waterproof
Protects against water, sand & scratches
Perfect for your holiday
Includes neckstrap

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Waterproof case for your .

With this universal waterproof case for the , you can now enjoy all your travel adventures with your ! The waterproof case protects your device from sand, water, dust and scratches.

This waterproof case for the is perfect for snorkeling, swimming and many other water sports. Other situations where your could be damaged by water, for example relaxing with your in the water or working with your tablet at the sandy beach is, also now possible. On the other hand, how about reading the digital version of the newspaper or watching Football while relaxing in the bath!

While the is within the waterproof case it is still possible to operate all of the functions of your , just as if it was out of the case!

The high quality Waterproof Case is extremely easy to use, simply open the waterproof case by undoing the two fasteners and then unsealing the two sections of the bag. Then place your within the bag, following the same instructions in reverse. With the brackets on the side you can also carry the case using the strap supplied.

CAUTION - All tablets are moisture sensitive. We can never GUARANTEE that your within an unlikely event may contain moisture (and condensation). 


Classification3 stars
Length / Width / Height240 / 161 / 10 mm

Reviews (1)

super hoes

Deze waterdichte hoes is een super hoes. Je kunt heerlijk dobberend op het water lezen. De e-reader werkt goed zolang de temperatuur niet heel hoog wordt. Dit ligt echter niet aan de hoes.

  • waterdicht
  • e-reader blijft goed werken
  • aan de grote kant
- 19-08-2016

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